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June 24, 2005Added the Linux bootable software RAID-1 array HOWTO to the downloads page. Also posted the Linux software RAID degraded boot kernel patch.
Jun 17, 2005Incyte Project Manager is finally hosted here. It's original author lost interest a long time ago and I made changes to it since that time.
Sep 29, 2004Latest revision of BeatNik Internet Clock has been posted. It is not major, having only one fix and one addition. Get it from the downloads page.
 An updated Denver Weather Center (aka nwsmarque) has been posted to the downloads page. It is again working with the NWS servers.
Jun 20, 2004Well, I have replaced the old forum with a new one. It's still at I hope the user controls and moderation system will stop the spammers from ruining it again. Enjoy!
Sep 23, 2003I was forced to remove the forum as it was being abused. As usually happens in life, a few sub-human creatures ruin something that everyone else enjoyed. Hopefully I will have time to post another forum with better moderation and control mechanisms.
Jan 5, 2002Posted Update to SSSleeper utility. The no-sleep corner should now work again!
Oct 21, 2001Posted an updated NWSMarque (Denver area weather monitor)
Aug 24, 2001Posted a bunch of BeatNik SoundPacks.
Jun 5, 2001Posted my Windows port of Greg Kondrasuk's Bicycle Ride Calorie Calculator.
May 30, 2001My apologies, I fixed the link for SSSleeper so that you can download the newer version!
May 12, 2000Posted BeatNik Internet Clock Multi-Lingual Addon. Add several languages to BeatNik's user interface!
Apr 25, 2000Posted BeatNik Internet Clock 2.0 Beta Build 14. I apologize to all users who had to wait so long for this release! I got seriously sidetracked (read as "derailed") for a while. Expect the MultiLingual Add-on soon! (no, really!)
Jan 27, 2000Posted SSSleeper 1.1.1. Minor update changes tray icon when cursor is in a 'hot corner'.
Sep 23, 1999Posted BeatNik Internet Clock 2.0 beta build 13!
 At the request of a user, posted BeatNik Internet Clock 1.0 beta 3.
Aug 10, 1999I posted an update to ShellEnabler (build 4). Fixed a bug where it would not remember what shells you had set up (on some machines).
July 22, 1999Posted aaTTF (anti-alias TTF), a nifty new utility for people who use TrueType fonts.

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File Description

BeatNik Internet Clock 2.0 beta build 15

BeatNik Internet Clock 2.0 Multi-Lingual Addon

A very cool clock that supports 'skins'. It can synchronize your computer's clock with the atomic clock. It displays 12-hour, 24-hour, or internet time. For more information on "internet time" see the inventor's site -- Swatch. This version does not require Winsock 2.0.

The Multi-Lingual Addon requires BeatNik Internet Clock 2.0 Beta Build 14 or 15 to be installed. Simply install the Multi-Lingual Addon into the same directory as BeatNik Internet Clock.

    Changes in build 15
  • Hopefully the last fix to the Internet Time conversion code. It now matches Swatch's official site even during Daylight Savings.
  • You can now load skin files by double-clicking them in your favorite file manager (i.e. Explorer)
    New features in version 2.0 include:
  • Irregular window shaps - use transparent GIF files to define window shapes!
  • Built in skin editor
  • Skins support enclosing TrueType font files
  • Time can be displayed at any angle
  • Double-clicking clock toggles 12/24-hour and Internet time modes.
  • Seconds display can be turned on or off
  • Virtual desktop aware
  • Snap to feature (edge of screen and window borders)
  • "Always On Top" mode can easily be toggled.
  • SOCKS proxy (version 4) enabled.

Items that need to be address before the beta flag is dropped are: documentation, minor bug fixes.

BeatNik 2.0 Skins Skins for Beatnik version 2.0.
BeatNik 2.0 SoundPacks SoundPacks for BeatNik version 2.0 (finally).
Shell Enabler 2.0 This application used to be called LiteStep Enabler, but it has been modified to work with multiple shells. Click for more info.

LiteStep is a shell replacement for Windows 95/98 and Windows NT 4. If you are interested in obtaining it, see the LiteStep home page. This utility allows you to very easily change your shell from the default Explorer® to LiteStep and back. Simply run the utility, select the shell you want to use, then log off and back on. There is no need to restart. I hope you enjoy the LiteStep shell as much as I have, and I hope this utility makes your LiteStep (or other shell) installation and use as simple as possible!

aaTTF aaTTF stands for Anti-Alias TrueType Font. Have you ever noticed that most TrueType fonts look terrible when they are under 14 pts in size? They usually are not smoothed at those sizes. This utility will allow you to convert TrueType fonts into all-smoothed versions, as well as to revert a font back to default smoothing behavior. This is particularly handy for BeatNik skin designers!
DesktopFrames 1.2 beta 1 DesktopFrames allows you to place bitmap, gif, and jpg images randomly around your desktop. Each picture (or 'frame') can have an action associated with it. It handles gif transparency very nicely. This was made with LiteStep users in mind (since it essentially allows something similar to active desktop) but anyone can use it!
SSSleeper 1.1.2 A utility that allows you to activate hot-corners on your screen. One corner will activate your screensaver immediately and another corner will temporarily disable your screensaver. Corner sizes and placement are customizeable.
Bicycle Ride Calorie Calculator This is a port of Greg Kondrasuk's Bicycle Ride Calorie Calculator ported to Windows. It was a relatively easy port because he used FLTK! I can't say that I'm thrilled with FLTK's edit controls, but it's still a very useful application.
Denver Weather Center For those who live in the metro Denver area, this application provides a weather center that hovers above your other windows to keep you constantly informed. You must be connected to the internet for it to work. It gets weather information from the National Weather Service and displays the current temperature, relative humidity, pressure, dewpoint, and current or extended forecast.

Septemer 29, 2004 - Per user requests, it has been updated and is working with the NWS servers once again.

June 17, 1999 - It has been updated and seems to be working with the NWS servers again.

Diet Watch Spreadsheet This spreadsheet lets you set a personal goal in the number of calories that you want to take in daily. It also let's you set your target percentages for protein, carbohydrate, and fat intake. It comes with a small sample library of foods. But you can enter your own very easily. For extensive nutritional information on just about any food go to this URL:
Search the USDA Nutrient Database

Note: Requires Microsoft Excel 97.

BeatNik Internet Clock 1.0 beta 3 A round clock that supports 'skins'. It displays standard 24-hour time in analog format and internet time in digital format. It is very customizable. For more information on "internet time" see the inventor's site -- Swatch!

Note that it requires Winsock 2.0. This comes standard with Windows 98 and NT 4.0. However, Windows 95 users will need to get the upgrade from Microsoft.

Changes in beta 3 include adding an Always On Top menu option and fixing the bug where BeatNik would forget its position on reboot/shutdown/log-off.

Incyte Project Manager A project and task management system written in PHP. Includes LDAP integration for corporate use.
Linux RAID degraded boot patch ( A patch to fix the boot-time RAID array reconstruction code in the Linux kernel to allow arrays with missing (i.e. failed) drives to be reconstructed and run in degraded mode. This patch is for kernel version, though it is known to work with kernels at least back to 2.6.11 without any problems. As that code snippet seems relatively stable, it is likely that the patch will apply correctly against most 2.6 kernels. (Your mileage may vary)
Bootable Linux Software RAID-1 HOWTO
pdf or HTML
The name pretty much says it all! This document describes how to create a bootable RAID-1 array composed of entire drives (rather than partitions).

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