Incyte Project Manager is a multi-user project and task management system written in PHP.

The application does not originate with Something Decent, but I have made several additions and modifications since the last official release. Attempts have been made to contact the original author, but no reply as ever been received and his Incyte web site (which is asking for a new IPM caretaker) has not been updated in years. So, unless I hear different, this is the official IPM site.

The system requirements are simple:

  • Web server (Apache suggested)
  • Database (MySql)
  • LDAP (optionally used for user authentication
Just about any web browser can be used on the client side.

Download ipm-0.9.4.tar.gz here.

2003/01/23 cmcneill *--IPM 0.9.4--*
* Added a new field to the tasks database: priority (low, std, hi, crit)

2003/01/23 cmcneill
*--IPM 0.9.3--*
* Enabled LDAP authentication support

2003/01/21 cmcneill
*--IPM 0.9.2--*
* Cleaned up code. Moved functions common to admin.php and functions.php to separate file common.php.
* Extracted functionality and created common-use subroutines.
* Utilized enddate field in IPM_tasks table as a Due Date before task is completed, and as completed date afterwards.
* Added new column to task lists -- due date / completion date
* Added due date field to add- and edit-task forms.
* Added two new reports to Admin page: 1) List all tasks by project, 2) List all tasks by user.
* Due dates are highlighted in red if they are due today or are past due.