Latest News from Something Decent
June 24, 2005Added the Linux bootable software RAID-1 array HOWTO to the downloads page. Also posted the Linux software RAID degraded boot kernel patch.
Jun 17, 2005Incyte Project Manager is finally hosted here. It's original author lost interest a long time ago and I made changes to it since that time.
Sep 29, 2004Latest revision of BeatNik Internet Clock has been posted. It is not major, having only one fix and one addition. Get it from the downloads page.
 An updated Denver Weather Center (aka nwsmarque) has been posted to the downloads page. It is again working with the NWS servers.
Jun 20, 2004Well, I have replaced the old forum with a new one. It's still at I hope the user controls and moderation system will stop the spammers from ruining it again. Enjoy!
Sep 23, 2003I was forced to remove the forum as it was being abused. As usually happens in life, a few sub-human creatures ruin something that everyone else enjoyed. Hopefully I will have time to post another forum with better moderation and control mechanisms.
Jan 5, 2002Posted Update to SSSleeper utility. The no-sleep corner should now work again!
Oct 21, 2001Posted an updated NWSMarque (Denver area weather monitor)
Aug 24, 2001Posted a bunch of BeatNik SoundPacks.
Jun 5, 2001Posted my Windows port of Greg Kondrasuk's Bicycle Ride Calorie Calculator.
 BeatNik Internet Clock is being featured on WinCustomize!
Dec 3, 2000LSD4P has created an easy-to-install distribution of LiteStep that includes ShellEnabler (aka LiteStepEnabler). Check it out at
May 12, 2000Posted BeatNik Internet Clock Multi-Lingual Addon. Add several languages to BeatNik's user interface!
Apr 25, 2000Posted BeatNik Internet Clock 2.0 Beta Build 14. I apologize to all users who had to wait so long for this release! I got seriously sidetracked (read as "derailed") for a while. Expect the MultiLingual Add-on soon! (no, really!)
Jan 27, 2000Posted SSSleeper 1.1.1. Minor update changes tray icon when cursor is in a 'hot corner'.
Jan 24, 2000BeatNik Internet Clock 2.0 Beta Build 14 is very near to release. All but one of the translations is in. It needs a proofing by the translators and it will be posted! Build 14 will now support English, French, German, Dutch, Danish, and Norwegian. If anyone would like to help translate it into other languages please contact me!
 BeatNik bug and workaround in build 13: When using the sounds control panel to select alarm and chime sounds do not choose any sounds that are in the Media folder (the ones that appear to be 'built in' to Windows). You will not get an error if you do, but you will not hear the sound either! Choose a sound anywhere else on your system, or copy the desired sounds from the Media folder (which defaults to c:\Windows\Media) to another folder on your hard drive.
Jan 7, 2000Work on BeatNik Internet Clock 2.0 Beta Build 14 is well underway. Expect multiple language support (at least French)! And it will lose the large splash screen (the largest user request by far).
Sep 23, 1999Posted BeatNik Internet Clock 2.0 beta build 13!
Aug 25, 1999Wrote and implemented new automatic news system. Hopefully the news sections will be kept up much more frequently now!
 Updated the Links page.
Aug 10, 1999I posted an update to ShellEnabler (build 4). Fixed a bug where it would not remember what shells you had set up (on some machines).
July 22, 1999Posted aaTTF (anti-alias TTF), a nifty new utility for people who use TrueType fonts.
July 1, 1999Updated the BeatNik skins page.
June 30, 1999Takarajima magazine (of Japan) has asked to put BeatNik Internet Clock into next month's issue and include it on the accompanying CD. If you actually were to get your hands on a copy of this magazine check out the "COOL Mobiler" section.
June 22, 1999 now has a BeatNik skins section!
June 15, now has a BeatNik skins section! Check it out.

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